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      The  "Hotwheels List"  has 20 Sections that have:

    The year and category, The series number, The log number,

The cars name, The body color, The interior and window color,

The type of wheels, and other information which includes the

date and price when I purchased the cars.  

     The Hotwheels cars, and the Matchbox cars, and the NASCAR cars

all have the same above information for  EACH OF THE   5,341 CARS

     At the bottom of the " Hotwheels list "  there are 20 yellow

tabs when clicked on will bring up the section that you would

like to look at.

     The list was created from Microsoft Office 2010 and the Excel

 Worksheet from which you are able to print the information.

 Also the list will show which cars where available for that year.